October 26, 2002

Pays to be a Lying Back-Stabber - Part II

You'll have to read that gem first to appreciate this one more:

Last time I wrote, I went to a competitor for more money and a better title. In the process I got fucked by my old employer.

In August, I got fucked again! After the competitor hired me, he all of a sudden changes the rules. He says I'm the "Research Director" but he wants me to clean the kitchen and give the Receptionist her breaks. PFFT!

Plus, he wants me to perform certain Admin duties. PFFT!

AND, he wants my marketing knowledge from my previous employer, as if I weren't busy enough! PFFT!

This guy promised me a raise, bonuses, and all the things my other company couldn't deliver. Well, at our first "review", if that's what you want to call it, he says he's "disappointed" by my performance. Never mind the fact that I received no training, the guy before me couldn't spell FUCK if he had to, and they wanted me to do everything else EXCEPT my job!

On Saturday he brings in the guy he let go to train me. This guy couldn't form an English sentence if his life depended on it. For the first hour of the training, he gives me all the office gossip, as if this will make my life easier.

On Monday, the boss tells me that this guy wants his job back! Of course, he tells me I'm in no danger of losing my job. In the meanwhile, he continues to stress how disappointed he is that I've not picked up on the switchboard as quickly as I should. I'm the Research Fucking Director, you dumbass!!!

He calls me in for my REVIEW in an ambush manner. I have no time to prepare at all. He stresses how disappointed he is AGAIN. Funny how badly he wanted to hire me just a few months earlier. Anyway, in the review he asks that question - where do you see yourself in 10 years. Do you see yourself working here? This is an EMPLOYMENT AT WILL situation (in California) where he can let me go at any minute without warning and he wants me to commit to ten years! This is typical; these people also want to have two weeks' notice so they can fuck you in the ass.

That question about the 10 years got me nervous. The next Friday I get called in by surprise and I know that the axe is on my neck. So I go into his office and I was RIGHT! He starts out with the typical WE ALL REALLY LIKE YOU HERE.

I knew it was going to happen so I RECORDED THE WHOLE FUCKING THING! That's right! I had a digital recording device on my hip and I went in and recorded the firing. At first, I was going to tell him everything that was wrong with the job and let him have it. Then I realized that I had ALREADY told him what was wrong with the job. It fell on deaf ears. So my new strategy was to sit there in silence and stare at him.

You can hear the idiot's fucking babbling here.

My friend hosted this for me, since I'm unemployed and flat-broke! He also set up an email where you can send your comments:

I give this jerk the biggest PFFT! of all time!!!


Published: October 26, 2002
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