October 30, 2002

The 6 Major Food Groups
   by lorie <>

Right then. I'm new to all this. for purposes of being in line with me, please excuse my being English and a smoker. So I'd been playing football (soccer, if you must) and went to the pub after the game to chat about it over a couple of beers. Only my cigarettes were in the car. I don't like to ask people for something without offering any goods or services but... I located the best dressed, most professional looking group in there and asked, politely and with self-deprecation if one of them wouldn't mind terribly if I might have one of their cigarettes.

I wouldn't be writing here if any of the 6 people had had any dignity whatsoever. They just continued being losers. As a member of the smokers' union this was a clear and distinct breach of etiquette. Would you refuse a fellow motorist enough petrol to get to the next fill-up point? No, exactly. Bunch of losers. pfft!

Published: October 30, 2002
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