November 1, 2002

A profit's a profit!

Last month I went out to get a new battery for my wife's watch, expecting to pay GBP2.00 - 3.00. The lowest price I could find on the high street (UK) was GBP4.99 (roughly 8 dollars). This price is the same for supply and fit or supply only. It took me one minute to change the battery myself. Today I find the same battery in an electronic catalogue (which I was buying enough stuff from to get free postage) for 30p (48 cents)! To really rub it in, if you but ten or more they are only 18p (28 cents) each!

What a ripoff. To Hinds the Jewellers and Samuels jewellers - PFFFFFT!!!

Published: November 1, 2002
Editor: stacy

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