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November 16, 2002

Communicate This!
   by mike <>

First, I disdain college professors that don't have Ph.D's and yet still insist you call them "professor". It's one thing for me to just call someone that out of respect, and it's another when they explicitly say, "I prefer professor." Well, guess what? I prefer "Your Holiness". Hope that's not a problem for you.

Anyway, I'm talking about this communications teacher I have. No, my degrees are in Criminal Justice and Psychology, but everyone has to take those stupid "general ed" or "core" classes you need to graduate. Public Speaking and Critical Thinking, or whatever.

So I'm in this class, and from day one, there are chapters assigned in a boorish book that no one reads, and the teacher (sorry, the "professor") never mentions it. Not a single word. All of the sudden, we have a semester examination and we all get C's. She won't curve it, of course.

Listen, you wrinkly witch, just because you're pissy that you're wasting your life teaching communications to students who don't care doesn't mean you can screw us all out of good GPA's with a test. I don't know what kind of sick pleasure people get in watching otherwise hard-working students fail, but it's unacceptable. Besides, speaking is a practical skill. You need to get out there and DO IT (which we're all doing). Objective examinations of stupid knowledge no one will ever use just shows how petulant and unhappy you really are.


Published: November 16, 2002
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