On the Job

November 19, 2002

The Parks Workers Lament
   by Gardenette <>

I work for the city with the department of parks,
And I like all the pets that wag, lick and bark.

But the owners who leave all their doggie-doo mess
Cause the workers Ďround here a lot of distress.

Weíve posted the signs and the bags are still free,
So pick up their poop and direct where they pee.

Your pets are quite welcome, but I think itís the pits
To keep crawling around in old "kibbles and bits."

Weíve stepped in the piles when pruning the trees,
Have you noticed we weed on our hands and our knees?

Iíve a right to complain, itís really disgraceful
That whilst weed-eating trails Iíve been struck with some facefuls.

And for those who burn bags and then laugh like crazy,
Itís not any better when itís cooked chunks and gravy.

So please pick up the waste and I promise to hush,
Because I am sure at your house you usually flush.

By Tracey Mallinson

Published: November 19, 2002
Editor: stacy

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