Experts Agree...

December 2, 2002

Time to Study...
   by mike <>

Let me first remark that I neglected to celebrate the 60th "Experts Agree..." / "Weekly Insight" last time. Hooray. That said, back to the bitching.

I read today on (remember, MSNBC is a Microsoft-NBC joint venture) that a study has linked cell phone use with automobile crashes. No friggin' sh*t, guys. Of course it links the two - those of us that actually get out and drive on the road have known that for years!

Know what else could be linked to accidents? Old age, drinking, snow, rain, fog, high winds, cattle, deer, fallen trees, hunger strikes... The list goes on. No matter the cause, the fact remains that it all boils down to irresponsibility on the part of the vehicle operator.

It's YOUR job to pay attention when you drive and talk, just as it's your job to make sure you slow down in heavy rain or drive more cautiously in fog or snow. That we still pay scientists to do these "studies" is ridiculous. It's preaching to the choir, folks.

Take these guys and stick them in a room. Lock the door and give them a problem. Don't let them out until they've devised a solution. For example, "HIV. Fix it. Tell us when you're done." THAT'S how we make progress and prevent the wasting of more tax dollars on things we know.

Mark my words, if left unchecked, soon we'll see a study about how voting practices in the 2000 Presidential Election influenced the outcome. Wait, we already saw that. Damn.

Published: December 3, 2002
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