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December 9, 2002

Pack Unpack Repeat

I had to move to another office at work over the weekend. Fortunately I didn't have to move everything myself (a note on this a bit later) but I did have to pack it all up and then unpack it today. I have worked in this building for about 2 and a half years, and in that time, I have had to change offices 4 times. I had been in my last office for more than a year, and I had to move because they are moving everyone off that floor to save some money.

Besides moving being annoying in general, this is slightly more so because I used to have a double-size office with a window, all to myself. Now I have a single-size office without a window. I don't mind losing the extra bookcase and space that much (although now I no longer have a nice place to keep my office sweater) but I do mind losing the window. It was handy to be able to look out and see the weather, or the traffic, and I have discovered that radio reception in the inside office is non-existent. Back to RealPlayer.

Oh, the thing about not moving myself. The new office that was assigned to me was full of cubicle equipment and spare furniture, and they didn't want to move it until the movers would be here to move our stuff down anyway. So, while everyone else was getting a jump on getting their new offices all setup and arranged, I couldn't move a single thing and had to wait until this morning (or come in over the weekend). I have a painting that's rather important to me that I didn't want the movers to touch, and didn't trust them to leave in the old office so I had to leave it with a coworker over the weekend. I'm sure he didn't mind, but it was one more hassle.

There is one teensy good thing about all this. I used to be around the corner from all my coworkers and sort of self-exiled (I chose to be off by myself in the big office). Now I'm right in the middle of everyone, so they can't accuse me so much of wanting to be a loner. So here I am, saving the company some bucks. I think I'll go down to the conference room and look out the window for a while. PFFT!

Published: December 9, 2002
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