January 10, 2003

I miss old internet times
   by jenna <>

You know about 3 years ago I could've spent over 5 hours on the internet, especially at night around 9pm. I would be on until like 3 or 4 in the morning. But now its just plain boring. I used to go into chatrooms and chat for hours and there were actually good people. I used to go to ALL the time but now since they took the website down its just really so bad. I used to go to this one room called 'Lovers,' and I had all the good people to chat with. They were all actually really nice, but then someone just started a little argument and they all split from the room which was bad because not only did they not get back into the room, but they also never got back online which just totally got me a bit mad. Now I dont go to chatrooms as much cause some people just don't want to talk to you and some just start fightsand stuff in the rooms and it gets really boring! Everytime I get online now and none of my new friends are on (and I dont have much but about 2 or 3 friends), I just stare at the screen very bored with nothing to do. If I visit websites its just old cause I been to so many websites and it's like 'been there done that' and I really really miss the old internet times and my old internet friends cause they made my time worth while spending online. I just wish it would go back the way things were, but I guess it can't. Oh well.

Published: January 11, 2003
Editor: stacy

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