January 25, 2003

And may the Palm rest in silicon haven
   by thebionicman <>

Well to start this story I must say this is my first on PFFT. Yes Iím a new member to the fold. And Iím very glad to be here (although not knowing what PFFT stands for).

Well, let's start with Iím the proud owner of the Palm m105 model handheld computer, a very good and rock solid model from Palm. Until it broke down. Now thatís reliable for ya. Now I need that computer mostly for college work and other stuff, I canít live without it. So I phoned the technical support and they said to send it back via the post, so I done that. And being the impatient lunatic I am, I phoned the Dublin technical support centre no less than 8 times (yes I kept count). Yes, 8 times I talked to the Dublin technical support centre trying to get them to send it back. I done everything with that Palm, and it was like losing an arm or a leg, or a TV. But they soon (it felt like months) sent one back. Oh joy once again. But I only find the one they had sent me had a worse problem than the one before. NOOOO! Why do these things happen to me? Thatís the last time I deal with the "Irish".

P.S. I love the Irish, no offence.

Published: January 26, 2003
Editor: stacy

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