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February 13, 2003

Plastic Sheets and Duct Tape?
   by kutulu <>

To say that im angry about the 'inevitable' war with Iraq is one thing. Saying that I loathe and despise our current president is a complete understatement. But something is deeply disturbing when our government advises us to take action against a biochemical threat by duct taping our doors and windows with plastic sheets. At first I couldn't believe it. Why the hell would anyone believe that they would be even remotely protected from harmful nerve agents by plastic and duct tape?! It sounded completely absurd. Lo and behold though, upon watching the 6 o'clock news, I saw people flocking to the local Lowe's and buying these products en masse. They even had some kindly old lady saying that it wouldn't hurt to try. Now if only that old lady didn't spend all her damn money on purchasing this crap, and instead invested her money in the black market to purchase a military grade gas mask.

The only viable way to protect yourself from a biochemical attack would be to completely shut yourself out from outside air. You'd also need about a year's worth of oxygen stored in your home so that you wouldnt suffocate. A plastic sheet covering your front door and windows is all good and well, but you need to cover the damn vents going outside. Of course our governemnt didn't bother mentioning that when they reviewed the possible things you could do against such an attack. What kind of logic were these idiots using?

"Hey dude, wouldnt it be cool if we could completely protect ourselves from biochemical attacks by using duct tape and plastic?"

"That would be excellent, but it would still get in through air vents or fireplaces."

"Who cares, people believe whatever we put on TV!"

"Man, that is totally killer, I will totally have that broadcasted nationally to confuse the public even more!"

Apparently our government thinks us all complete morons incapable of understanding something as simple as air flow through vents. Well at least for those hopelessly dependent on TV for survival. This just goes to show how much faith (if there existed any in the first place) our goverment has for their population. To this complete and utter bulls**t I say BAH and Pfft!

Published: February 13, 2003
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