February 14, 2003

i HaTe valentines day
   by djzippera77 <>

i HaTe valentines day! its that one day of the year that singles out the single. the ones who have some1 2 b with have nothing 2 worry about, they jus curl up with their loved 1 and feed eachother chocolates. or say sum1 broke ^ with yo on v-day n you havent yet gotten over it. may-b ur true love died n you guys always spent valentines 2 gether, n you have 2 spend it alone this year, or may-b yet again you have 2 watch all the beautiful ppl go out n have a good time thinking no 1 will ever love u, or youll never have n e 1 cuddle with on valentines day. its a horrible holiday, if you have no 1 2 b with, now more than ever your realizing that, b-cuz now its not just that your alone, its that your alone on valentines day!! the ultiment depressing thought, not having a special sum1 on the cupples day of the year. i kno i wish i had sum 1 2 b with. its been this way 4 the last 3 years or more i think. i break ^ with my bf just a few months b 4 the BIG love day. or may-b its ur gurlfriend. then i get 2 sit n wish i had them 2 love or 2 love me. but i dont, n now i KNO this 4 sure! i am alone. right now my sistas r out with sum1 they love or just like, at least a fling, even my mom has a boy friend n i dont! i have 9 kids in my family, katrina being the oldest is married, ana is the sister im going 2 b babysitting 4 2 nite b cuz shes ganna b with her husband, angie has a bf, david has a fling im sure, timna is hard working so im nt 2 sure how shes spending her day, but shes prob at least ganna b with sum friends, victor is with his gurl, sharen has her eye on this guy who seems 2 have his eye on her, shana is my twin n she has a boi while i dont have n e 1!! its not as if i cant get n e 1, its that muh broken hart wont alow me 2 b with n e 1 else b sides muh ex ryan. i cheated on him 1 nitw when i waz very drunk, n told him, he broke ^ with me havent talked 2 him since. w/e the case may-b if u r 1 of the very many who r alone 2 day i feel ur pain. u have 2 choices, 1 dont worry about it ur time 2 shine will come, or 2 pout and wallow in self pitty........or 3 hier a prostetute. hehe jk. well im off 2 go do sum more of that self pitty stuff so hope ur day is fast n painless, try n sleep through it if you can. Crissy 2/14/03

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Published: February 14, 2003
Editor: stacy

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