February 14, 2003

People are just strange
   by djzippera77 <>

Don't stalkers just suck? I mean, everyone I know has someone stalking them. Have you ever had that? My sister Angie was in her room changing for bed, and she turned out the lights and saw this guy staring into her window! So she called the cops. When the cops found the psycho they asked what the hell he was doing in her back yard, and he said, "I was getting a drink from her hose." What a f'ing stupid excuse!

Then my old friend Bree had this guy who was stalking her around the mall, and right when we were walking out he comes up right behind her and sniffs her hair! I mean not just a little whiff, he cups a bundle of her hair and shoves his nose in it! What a nut case. My friend Cass (Cass is a guy) was at this party with me and some chick is following him around, so we're like ok freak, then she walks right up to him and asks, "Can I lick your hair?" OK. Who asks that? Who would want to lick somebody else's hair? People are just strange.

Published: February 14, 2003
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