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February 14, 2003

Rap is crap
   by djzippera77 <>

A major PFFT for me would have to be rap! I'm sorry to all the rap lovers, but I cant stand that kind of music. All they ever talk about is sex, drugs, parties, rapers--they practically have their own language! It's anoying to hear people repeating what they heard on a gay rap song titled I've got hoes. Well good for you, and that's another thing, the rapsters, not all but the higher percentage of them treat girls like dirt! "Gurls r hoes, gurls are bitches, gurls are sluts, gurls will do whatever I tell them 2 b-cuz I'm a guy and I've got $." All this may somtimes be true but they dont have to generalize it as all gurls (yes I know gurls is spelt g-i-r-l-s but I think it should be spelt with a u). They say she's my bitch or let me see that G-string. And the gurls with no self-esteem appear on their music videos on top of the rapper having a grand old time while not discouraging the pricks to keep on with the way they treat women, or should I say their women. You hear songs like "Welcome to Atlanta" (sorry if you like the song), but I think it's gay! They say stuff like, here we got nice alcohol, nice clubs, and fine women just fall under the category of beer. You only get this in rap songs, well yeah, it's everywhere, but especially in those gay ass rap crap songs! So PFFT to you sex-fiend rapping pigs! Your music sux!!!

Published: February 16, 2003
Editor: stacy

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