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February 16, 2003

Islam vs. U.S.
   by mike <>

Osama Bin Laden is a giant pussy. There, I said it. He hates America. Okay, fine, not everyone's going to like the fact that we've got more liberties and personal freedom than they do. He also thinks we hate Islam, and that's not true. We can hate a person and not his religion, thanks to our highly-developed mammalian brain.

I recently read on that Osama, in an article to a newspaper, said, "Oh Muslims, do not fear America because we have defeated them repeatedly and they are the most cowardly of people when you meet them face to face."

Excuse me, Mister Dirtyuglybastard, how are we the cowardly ones when you're the one hiding up camels' asses because you know we're hot on your trail and that the torture Chinese political prisoners endure pales in comparison to what's in store for you? Let me tell you something about the American people: We can take it, and we can dish it out... and we have an extra-special entree prepared for you. And how is it that you "...defeated [us] repeatedly...?" You mean those two times you struck the same, defenseless place packed with innocent and unarmed civilians? Yeah, you really showed us. I don't call that a defeat. I call that waking a sleeping giant.

Stop trying to convince others that your twisted interpretation of Islam calls for the destruction of the United States. I'm pretty sure your holy scriptures don't mention the words "United" and "States" anywhere near each other. Maybe I'll start my own religion that believes in the destruction of you, dude. That'll be fun.

Call me an infidel all you want, you pathetic loser, but until you show up at my door ready for a little 'face time', shut your cakehole. Oh, and next time you go up to a camel for some "special ops", be careful not to get any sand in the Vaseline -- it chafes big time.

Published: February 16, 2003
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