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February 19, 2003

More UN Inspectors and diplomacy??
   by rameses <>

So the French, the Germans and few other f*(&@ European countries think that Saddam is fully cooperating with the UN inspectors, eh? They think they will find something if the inspectors are given more time. What the--?? Remember, Saddam threw out these UN inspectors when he wanted to and no one did anything. Do you think that Saddam will let any UN inspectors into his country or his palace if it wasn't for the threat of a military strike for non-compliance? Diplomacy just doesn't work with this guy.

If it wasn't for the US flexing its muscles there would be no UN inspections and it would be too late for any inspectors after the terrorists bombed the "musee du Louvre" and blew up the Eiffel Tower....(note to FBI: this statement is only hypothetical).

Anyway, PFFT to all those anti-war protesters who have no f*@&% clue what can happen to them if we wait for another attack. The world has changed. There will be no more love for pricks who have any potential of harming civilians on US soil.

Published: February 20, 2003
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