February 24, 2003

The Shit Just Keeps Coming

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Last month, the shit just kept on coming. My car got stolen. This happens to lots of people, but this is a bit different. It happened the day before the insurance expired. The insurance company decided a month earlier that they wouldn't take monthly payments anymore, so they wanted $2,800 IN FULL to re-insure the car and my truck. I decided to reinsure the car and truck with a different company. Since it got stolen, I couldn't re-insure it with the new company, so it has no insurance. (The old insurance company is still liable since it got stolen on their clock).

Shortly after that, my dad died, so I had to fly back to the Midwest. While I'm on my flight to the Midwest, the cops left a message:

"We found your car and it's in pretty good condition. It's $148 for towing and $22 per day for storage. Give us a call at (insert fucking pig's phone number here)".

I was gone for a week, so this amount added up quickly.

While in the Midwest staying with Dad's relatives, they take me (and my brother and sister) to the funeral home to pick out a headstone. They ask me to sign here and there. They said they needed someone to "take responsibility" for the funeral costs (about $8,000). My brother had commented that I would "clean up" when Dad died, so I assumed I was the beneficiary and signed. Nobody knew who the beneficiary was yet (or so they said). Then, we drove 4 hours one way in the FREEZING cold to get his "estate" in order. There was nothing but rat shit in his fucking trailer. Why? Because his "girlfriend" (a retired hooker) took everything and put it in her attic. I later found out she wasn't allowing us to check any of it out.

THEN (here's the kicker), I find out last week that this fucking HOOKER is the beneficiary! She got his trailer and the 42 acres it was on, the insurance money, the retirement payment and everything. She told me I could "FUCK OFF" because she wasn't paying for the funeral.

Now I'm stuck with the funeral expenses! PFFT!!!

So I go back to California (still unemployed since mid-August) and sign the car over to the insurance company so they can have it towed (for another cost) to the shop. With my $500 deductible, the grand total that I have to pay for the privilege of having my car stolen is close to $1,200. PFFT!!!

If I don't come up with the $1,200 by NEXT WEEK (when I get my last unemployment check of $594), they will auction off the car. PFFT!!! I asked the credit union to front me the money and tack it on to my $249 per month payment, but they refused. I explained the situation to them, but they said no.

And now the BIG circle-jerk:

  1. The garage needs the money, but said they can't release the car until it's insured and the updated tags are put on.
  2. The DMV will not issue new tags (another $300) until it is insured.
  3. The insurance company will not insure it until it's in my possession and they can take photos of the vehicle.

So what I'm going to do is let them sell it and continue to pay off the $5,000 I owe on the vehicle. Add this to the $8,000 to bury my father -- the man who was thoughtful enough to sign his estate over to a FUCKING HOOKER -- and I'm in deep shit. Of course, everybody wants the money NOW. All I want is a fucking job. $610 per month (more than half) of my unemployment goes to the bitch who fathered my child, since the State of California won't be white enough to lower the payments.

Life fucking sucks.... PFFT!!!!!!

Published: February 24, 2003
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