March 4, 2003

The Job Expo in Los Angeles - What a Load!

I wrote the story earlier about the end of unemployment and beginning of rip-offs.

I just got back from the EXPO, sponsored by the LA Times and Man, it sucked! I fought my way in past all of the VULTURES in the lobby to get inside where the "jobs" would be located. If you want a job as the manager of a Panda Express for $28,000/year, then it's the place for you. Most of the jobs involved telemarketing skills. One of the jobs required you be Catholic (is that still legal now?).

Want to sell cell phones for T-Mobile? Hey, $22,000 a year in LA might pay half the rent on the closet you will have to live in. After about 20 minutes of looking at all the booths, I decided it was time to leave. Time to venture past....


This guy comes RIGHT up to me and says "How's it going? Are you happy with your current job?" I thought it would be painfully obvious that I was looking for a job since I was at a Job Expo. I just stared at him. He continues, "How about a career with a high pay scale and endless possibilities?" My stare gets stronger. His final words: "Have you ever considered a career in the lucrative world of telemarketing?"

I couldn't fucking take it anymore, so I blasted the asshole. "Do I look like a stupid fucking tool to you? Do you think I'm THAT fucking stupid? Do you realize I'm looking for a REAL job? Why don't YOU get a real job, you dumb fuck? This is a fucking JOB EXPO, you idiot! Of course I'm looking for a job! Fuck off and get a job, asshole!"

Now maybe I went over the line with repeating myself, but these assholes don't ever take NO for an answer. These people are incredible. They invade my mail, my email, my phone, my home, the television, and everything else, trying to pimp whatever it is they need to move. To all the telemarketers: I give you a big, fat, juicy fucking PFFT!!!!!!

Now get the fuck out of my way so I can find a real job!

Published: March 4, 2003
Editor: stacy

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