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March 11, 2003

Waging a personal war
   by cafrin

I'm an American college student and spending my junior year on exchange in Iceland. It's just really grey, was dark as hell for three months, and the people are too concerned with themselves to do anything so much as to give you the time of day, once you really get to know their true colors (and they ain't pretty). This place is enough to make you go PFFT alone, but let's take a look at how current events can affect those even in countries so out of the way that no one really bothers to visit them anyhow.

So I'm a musician, right, and I'm putting on a concert of my works this Saturday. It means a big deal to me. My boyfriend is flying from Finland. And my mom and sister were supposed to come from the States to see, for the first time ever for them, my music being performed live.

They're not, though, because the media and politicians have put us on tenterhooks about the latest developments in Iraq. And we're afraid to live our normal daily lives because everyone makes us live in fear. Read: my mother and sister are very afraid of doing something as simple, commonplace, and normal as using an airport to fly out of the country to see me. So very afraid that they won't come on out. What the hell is that?! I haven't truly seen my family for two years, a small window of opportunity opens up, and I'm going to see the people I've been missing for a long time, and it all looks like it will be a GO until... THIS.

Could these people ever think about the fact that our normal lives are disrupted by them being complete jerks over "disarming" some guy who was never an issue until suddenly he was thrust onto the forefront of our TV broadcasts, interestingly enough when they were uncovering evidence linking Bush Jr to those accounting megascandals?

I want to call up all of these people. Jack Straw, Tony Blair, George Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Saddam, Osama, everyone, ... and just say, loud and clear: YOU BASTARDS. And then make them listen to screechy atonal music from now until eternity.


Published: March 11, 2003
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