March 14, 2003

Rant and Rave
   by HumoredSanity <>

I'm not sure what it actually is about the English language that I despise so much, but every now and then my temper just gets too high and the smallest thing will set me off. I read somewhere on this site about 'to,' 'too' and 'so.' I completely agree with that individual. Continuing on, I'd like to say one word to you: Rhythm.

Now seriously folks, what is with this word? I remember since first grade we were taught every word needs its vowels. We all learned are vowels are a e i o u and SOMETIMES y. Are teachers always made sure to know SOMETIMES y. Then we get to third grade and our lives are shattered as we must learn to spell this insane word that does not apply to any of the tricks to the English language we've learned. Once you've memorized how to spell this, take another look.


Now, after the y we find THM ... What other word has t-h-m right next to each other? How the heck is someone from another contry trying to learn English going to get that? It's more of a sound effect then a word at that point. I don't know who made that word up but whoever they were, they were on something.

For the record, a word I really enjoy is miscellaneous.

Published: March 28, 2003
Editor: stacy

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