March 27, 2003

Basketball Announcers are Idiots

The past week I've been watching NCAA tournament games on TV, and I just have to point out how stupid these announcers are. It really shouldn't be a huge surprise, considering that most of them used to be coaches, and there's a reason they aren't anymore. They sucked. They all got fired. And let's face it, announcing is probably a sweeter job anyway. Who's out there (besides myself) criticizing them? Whoever heard of an announcer getting fired for making some bad decisions. Oh, that's right, they don't have any decisions to make.

Somebody needs to clue these guys in that "differential" doesn't mean what they think it means. At the end of a period, when the game clock is ticking down, they will talk about the "differential" between the seconds left on the game clock and on the shot clock. The word they want here is "difference" but for some reason, they never say that. Another thing is how they always go into what a coach is going to do in a tough situation, and then when the coach inevitably does something else, they never bother to explain the discrepancy. This is probably for the best, but I wish they'd just shut up and just not even talk at all. I once saw some Canadian hockey games when the announcers were on strike, and it was pleasantly quiet. No redundant "He shoots he scores!" Well, duh.

By the way, while the tournament is on Thursday nights, Survivor has been displaced to Wednesday nights. I don't really like anybody on this season, but oddly that seems to make it more enjoyable because no matter who gets humiliated and taken advantage of, I think they deserve it. Rob is very funny, and I appreciate how he tells the truth to the camera, and so far he doesn't seem to be guilty of the appalling overuse of the passive tense that so many others on that show have been guilty of (ie, "Decisions were made" or "Promises were broken"). PFFT, people, just, PFFT!

Published: March 27, 2003
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