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April 16, 2003

Hey! Where'd all the Weapons of Mass Destruction go?
   by kutulu <>

Now don't get me wrong, I'm glad the USA only managed to find one chemical weapon warhead throughout its entire search of most of southern Iraq. It just seems highly hypocritical and irrational to kill all those people with the many WMD's we used and only locate one. If Iraq was such a threat then where did they all go? Bush and Rumsfeld keep hinting at Syria and other pro-Iraq countries, but if we keep doing this the Middle East will be reduced to barren waste and ash in the next year. So what's the strongest military force in the world to do? Well I guess we'll bide our time taking control of the oil fields in the area and blind siding all the looting of priceless artifacts and such from museums and libraries.

Wasn't the USA supposed to liberate Iraq? Then why haven't we established any form of authority to keep rioting and looting from occuring? Perhaps we'll just wait till the UN steps in and jointly concurs with Britain and the US to implement a new government. By that point, though, the Iraqi culture would have degraded enough to allow just about any imposed government to succeed with little to no force from the populous. Well, one can only hope the US will be happy with its oil fields and stop looking for more WMD. Who knows what would happen to the world if we kept doing that.

Published: April 16, 2003
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