Road Kill

May 14, 2003

I hate public transport
   by rcn


Since I can't afford a car (well, I can afford a car but the price of petrol is ridiculous in this country), I have to rely on the bus to get everywhere.

And since I've got my finals coming up at school, I need the buses to be reliable, which they usually are. Anyway, I had an exam today, and caught the 4:00 bus home (which goes a stupidly long way round to my house and should get me there at 4:34... never does, it's normally 4:40/4:45). Things were going fine until we were up on the main road out of town and then the bus started chugging along at about 40mph - gradually getting slower and slower until it eventually stopped, so we all got out (bearing in mind the average age of people on the bus was about 12; many squeaky annoying little kids were there too) and we had to wait 40 minutes for another bus to turn up.

If that wasn't bad enough, the driver of the replacement bus eventually dropped me off at home at 5:20 without so much as an apology or anything... I know it's not his fault but it would have been nice. but then, the driver of the bus that broke down is a complete asshole who didn't even bother explaining what was going on, it was just pure luck that I happened to be off the bus at the time that I managed to catch the other bus.

So PFFT! to public transport, and PFFT! to German-built buses. And PFFT! to public transport drivers who don't accept responsibility for anything, and really need lessons in how not to be an asshole.

Published: May 14, 2003
Editor: stacy

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