May 26, 2003

Stupid hand
   by kutulu <>

Over the course of my life I've noticed that both my wrists have early symptoms of arthritis. I've never really given it much though til just a couple of days ago when my left hand began hurting between my pointer finger and thumb. I wouldn't even move any of the fingers or muscles and I'd feel this tension there. The pain I could deal with, though what really pissed me off is the fact that I couldn't get any computer work done for a day. I spent the majority of the time applying a cold compress and resting the hand. I figured I'd give it a day of rest and see what happens. Before I went to bed I noticed it felt better but I could still feel the tension minus the pain.

Early the next day I wake up to the same pain and tension, though not so bad. So I figured I'd get some work done. It hasn't really done anything very painful today but it keeps hurting more and more as I type. I've thought it over and decided that if this isn't an early symptom of carpal tunnel then one day I probably will have carpal tunnel due to my wrist problems. I spend most of my time on computers so I can see where this comes from. Computers are my means of financial security and sometimes an escape from reality. I do exercises with my hands to try to reduce this kinda thing from happening but I guess that doesnt help much if this kinda thing still happens. Someone told me that it could be the positioning, which I'm beginning to think is it because my hands rest below the keyboard. Guess I'll have to invest in a gel insert of some sort.

This kinda thing really gets on my nerves mainly because of the whole computer thing and how much I use it. Sometimes I wish I had those cybernetic hands in Ghost in the Shell, the movie, so that I could type faster and all I would have to do to maintain my hands is make sure theres enough oil. Until I can get the cybernetic implants I say PFFT to hand cramps/pain/crinks and etc. And an especially big PFFFFFTT!!! to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Published: May 27, 2003
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