June 10, 2003

The world's oldest undergraduate
   by bowwow <>

No really, I am. I graduated from high school in 1971, went to Community College for about 2 Q's with nothing in mind. Piddled around for 10 years or so, then did another stint in College in the 1980's. Exhausted my Community College freebees and lost interest when I found out how much tuition the "real" (4 year) institutions wanted. And the poor excuses for 'rents I had only barely made it through high school themselves, so why bother. Right? Zzzzzppppppp... Fast forward to the year 2000. Out of work with zillions of other computer professionals only this one didn't have a college degree. And in interview after interview it showed.

So in 2001 I drag my arse back to college to one of those "adult" colleges. In other words, you pay the too-it, you get through it. This is City University ( not quite as bad as Univ of Phx, along the lines of DeVry.

Anyway I digress. City U was "kind" enough to accept most of my old (really old) college courses as transfer credits so in 2001 I dragged my carcas back to Skool. Major: Computer Sciences, Programming C++.

Fast Forward to Summer 2003. Two years of sitting through classes, some of which I could have taught myself, and listening to teachers much younger than me, and putting up with whiney students whose employers are paying their too-it. Now, 3 courses away from a BS in Computer Sciences, which unless fate steps in and strikes me down, I should finish by the end of this year. What makes me Pfffft? I was realizing the other day that perhaps I should contact Guiness. 1971 to 2003. Hmm. That would be a 32-year four year degree.

Last night, final session in Class (irrelevant course number), the instructor peed his pants. Not the kind of peeing the pants where someone really pees his pants, but the "bladder control" kind of pee-the-pants. Where the last drop of pee keeps coming, and coming, and coming. That front gets wetter, and wetter A nice big wet spot in his dockers for the whole class to see. And he lectured and lectured and lectured.....standing up away from the teacher's stations.

*Sigh* I'm tired.

Published: June 10, 2003
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