June 11, 2003

SARS my ass
   by rameses <>

It's the 2nd quarter and so a lot of companies have to spit out their earnings reports. Market's down, economy in low gear and layoffs abundant, the hard fact is nobody is buying stuff as they used to. I would think twice, make that thrice before buying that 54G wireless router to replace my 2 month old 11MBps wireless router just because it's faster. I would've done it in a heartbeat back in 2000 but now, unh, way!

But when will companies realize this and stop looking for excuses to give Wall Street? This pertains to the recently announced earnings warnings by two tech giants, Nokia & Texas Instruments. The financial analysts, CFOs, CIOs and CEOs in their million dollar offices figured out that their slump in sales was because of the SARS virus. Oh yeah, next quarter it will be because of the monkey pox in prairie dogs. PFFT!! Do they think people buy this, do they think people are stupid, do they think Wall Street buys this? Anyway, I am just PFFT up because the magazines and newspapers even put the SARS virus as a cause for slumping sales and lowered earnings. The real title should have been: "Dumb CFOs and financial analysts blame lower sales on SARS and expect consumers to believe it." Now, that i would buy!! PFFT.....

Published: June 11, 2003
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