June 19, 2003

Remembering the Rosenbergs 6/19/1953
   by bowwow <>

Well I don't remember them because they died before I was born, and I suspect same goes for most people reading this.

50 years ago today, a hideous crime of murder took place. The Murderer: The United States Government. The Victims: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

OK, so the Rosenbergs weren’t exactly innocent. They were, after all, spies for Russia. However, there was insufficient evidence to do what the US Government did to them, particularly Mrs. Rosenberg. There was no evidence other than one "witness" who later admitted he lied that she had anything to do with the spying or the betrayal of secrets. Yet she was murdered right along with her husband. Her head was too small to fit the electrocution device, so the murderers had to zap her 5 times to kill her!

And now in 2003, we have a system that can allow the same crime to commence. This system is called the Federal Sentencing System. Where there is no real "Trial". There is no "Jury of Peers" and the jury disappears long before the trial is over. When the power of outcome is left with the Federal Prosecutor, not the judge, you do not have a just and fair system. A system that routinely sentences women to 20 or more years in prison for small amounts of drugs. A system that considers cocaine possession to be more severe than murder. And the list goes on.

I have a big PFFT today for the US Federal Sentencing System. That murderer never had to stand trial for its crime.

To read more about the Rosenbergs.

To read more about the Federal Sentencing System.

When you fly your flags this 4th of July, fly them upside down, because things aren't exactly right around here.

Published: June 19, 2003
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