July 8, 2003

Grow Up
   by jeremy

Ok, so people, you are out of college, you are not babies anymore, so stop acting like them. If someone tells you of plans a month before, and you agree, and then you remind them that week, and they tell you that they have plans, and it's your fault because you didn't remind them....PFFT to you! And, might I add that that "PFFT" is a menagerie of words unfit to publish. If you think that you are a gift to this green earth, you have something else coming to you. Keep going out with one person, keep doing immature things, and you will wind up an even fatter 24 year old with 1 friend, and their friends. Return a darn phone call and pull your head out into the world, wipe the brown stains off your eyes and LOOK!!!

Also, let's say you forget your $200 sunglasses in someone's car. Then, you call them, shouldn't they at least return the call? They know that they are in there, they put them in there.

Bastards, all of you idiots are stupid. Act like people, and then maybe, one day, you won't suck like crazy.

Published: July 9, 2003
Editor: stacy

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