July 18, 2003

Some people must be really stupid

Some of the things they put on food containers these days really make me wonder just how dumb some people are. Or maybe the people who make up these wrappers have strange senses of humor, who knows. For instance, for lunch today I had a frozen pizza. On the wrapper it said "Cook before serving." Are there a lot of people out there who prefer their frozen pizzas actually frozen? Picking off a bit of frozen cheese or sausage is ok, but the whole thing?

And then there's this whole trans fat thing. They used to tell us saturated fat was bad, and unsaturated fat was ok, and this is all put on nutrition labels, so we can tell what we're eating. Nowadays it's all about trans fats, which are technically unsaturated, but they're probably even worse for you than saturated fat. The keyword for these things is "hydrogenated." Look on any candy bar, cracker, or cookie wrapper and you will see this word. Now, people really should already know that Oreos and Snickers aren't especially good for you, but it really is hard to find any snack food that doesn't contain a lot of these trans fats. It would be nice to see the amount listed on the label, just for kicks, since apparently no amount is really healthy.

This bring me to another point, though. Butter is all saturated fat. Margarine is all trans fat. What are we supposed to do? Spray our bread with Pam? Liquid margarine is supposed to be better for you than the solid stuff, but the liquid stuff is gooey and gross. Is the final solution here to just quit eating? Maybe go just to apples and celery.

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Published: July 18, 2003
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