July 29, 2003

Political Correctness is Bullshit
   by penguin <>

Let's define the "victim" groups that everyone is so worried about offending. Disabled people and minorities.

First of all, if someone is incapable of walking, they're paralyzed. Or they have no fuckin' legs. And I know that many disabled individuals would probably prefer to be called "disabled" or "crippled" than "physically challenged" or "differently-abled." If you're going to use such a bullshit term as "differently-abled," you must include everyone. Everyone is differently-abled. I can do things you can't do, and you can do things I can't do. End of story.

Most black people I know would rather be referred to as black than as "persons of color." African-American is a somewhat okay term, but what about white South Africans? Or Egyptians?

Also, a person is not African anything if he was not born in Africa. You might as well refer to all white folks as European-Americans.

Euphemisms are a form of lying, and I refuse to bullshit myself. I'll call a person what they prefer to be called.

Published: July 29, 2003
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