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August 5, 2003

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This sucks. Reverend V. Gene Robinson, an openly gay man, has been elected bishop of New Hampshire. It doesn't suck that he was elected; it sucks that people are trying to fight it. PFFT!

Robinson was approved as bishop by the House of Deputies, the first of two Houses that must approve his appointment as an Episcopal bishop. The House of Bishops, however, indefinitely postponed a vote on Robinson until an investigation into newly-surfaced harassment allegations. Bullshit.

This guy from Vermont e-mails one of the bishops and claims that Robinson repeatedly touched him inappropriately and is therefore not suitable to hold the office of bishop. Well isn't that pretty damn convenient? The church can't stop the New Hampshire diocese from electing him, they can't stop the House of Deputies from approving his election, so some guy conveniently remembers some harassment from a long time ago. Nothing will get negative attention like a priest being charged with sexual misconduct, right? That's despicable. Can't fight the good fight, so we have to make something up? Sure, it's minutely possible that the allegation could true. I can't prove otherwise, so I must concede that fact. However, you have to admit that the timing is AWFULLY convenient for the conservative bishops who don't want a homosexual in their midst. The guy didn't come forward when Robinson was eligible for election, not when he was elected. No, he came forward now when it looks like nothing can stop Robinson from becoming the first openly gay Episcopal bishop. Jesus Christ.

Face it, folks. Homosexuality is making its way into the mainstream. It's about goddamn time. Deal with it. So what if Genesis 19 says homosexuality is wrong? The church has been wrong before, guys. The Bible was a book written by men; fallable men, by the way. It's no problem if you place a lot of faith in the Bible; great, good for you. But this is one circumstance where you won't be able to reconcile society and your faith. And when it comes down to one or the other, which do you choose?

Published: August 5, 2003
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