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November 7, 2003

Kid movies are such a blast.
   by indavis <>

I'll get straight to the point. Does every movie made for kids have to include some variation of farting or belching? It seems that to truly be considered a kids movie, you have to have someone passing gas, or ripping off a doozie of a belch. Hey, I was a kid, and sure, my dad got me a time or two with the "pull my finger gag" and sure it was worth a couple of chuckles, and then it's just became pure terror from then on. You knew when dad automatically struck the pose, you know the one, stopped midstream no matter what he was doing, with his head cocked, a goofy ass grin, and one hand stuck out as if to give a single fingered shake, that whatever happened in the next ten seconds were destined to be disturbing.. No matter how disgusting, funny, emotionally scarring it was at least it was kept in the family (well until now). It has somehow become sort of a ritual in Hollywood to include this in movies. Face it Hollywood, it's a cheap ass laugh (pun intended). It must be seen as a guaranteed laugh by the writers and directors. Myself, just like being a child again, it was good for a laugh or two in a movie here and there, but just like with my father, it's more of a sign that bad things will soon ensue.

Come on Hollywood. Someone stand up and break the mold, not just the wind.

Published: November 9, 2003
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