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November 9, 2003

Legal Prostitution?
   by mike <>

For all of you weirdos out there who found this because you Google'd "free sex" or "legal hookers", you're in the wrong spot. ...sort of.

Prostitution is essentially the exchange of sexual acts for money. While I could make a reasonably convincing argument with little effort that this type of hooking should be legalized, I decided to write about selling oneself that's already legal: dating.

Don't try to pretend it's not the same thing - you buy a woman dinner, you pick up her ticket to the movie and then you pay for the drinks afterward, the cab ride home, whatever. And you do it all because you're hoping to score. Guys, don't pretend it's not true - you know damned well it is. We want to get some; it's basic human nature.

So how is real prostitution any different than this? Because they don't get actual money? Pfft. Because they don't get money all at once? Oh no, instead of a one-time payment of $50-100, we spend four or five times that over a few weeks just for one sexual encounter that isn't even a sure thing! Hell, they probably aren't as practiced as street-walkers, either. Then what is it? Ah, because courtship is an accepted means of attracting a mate. So, isn't prostitution, then, merely a vehicle by which to expedite that process for the not-so-picky? ...or the ravenously ugly?

Published: November 9, 2003
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