November 10, 2003

Act your age, poopy head.
   by MajicWalrus <>

So I know that by saying someone is a poopy head I completely negate all maturity that I have, but that's okay. I don't really care. Maturity isn't that useful really. I'm only 16, almost 17. That's all. I'm a teenager. I don't need to grow up for at least a few decades. It's not profitable.

I'm in high school now, and I look around me at the "young adults". They act like adults, and they are young. Mature? Certainly not. Why, this very day I was not undazzled by the use of the word "fuck". It was used once within every seven seconds by the majority of students. They talk like adults too! And since that very student is probably going to get great honors it doesn't benefit him to grow up. It's pointless to do something un-fun in our society.

Why should I grow up for college? My girlfriend's roommate got pepper-spray in her eyes because she pissed off some stupid whore across the hall. The girl pepper-sprayed her doorknob. Because that's obviously the way to resolve the situation. It's much better to try to cause physical harm to the person than to maybe talk to them. I don't need to grow up for college. I'm sure the girl who got the cops and peramedics called to the school is having a hoot right now.

It seems moronic to grow up. I'm almost 17. That's pretty adult like. My penis is full size. I have necessary hair. I shave. I cursed this very day because of the immaturity in this world, I confess. It is stupid to grow up. Don't act your age.

Act like a kid as long as you can get away with it. If you can hold out long enough you'll never have to do anything ever.

Published: November 11, 2003
Editor: stacy

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