November 12, 2003

Video Games: Stop Blaiming them for Youths' Actions
   by Trevor

Come on. I'm sick of seeing people using games as a scapegoat for violence. Honestly, do you really believe that the game jumps out of the TV and forces the kid to perpetrate violence?

Before I go too far into this, I would like to say I can see how people can becoem desensitized, but that's not what I am arguing here. I'm arguing that it's up to the kid to carry out his actions.

People should be able to understand the differences between right and wrong, and what's more, be able to carry out their actions effectively based on these. If someone isn't able to do that, then they shouldn't be playing that game (such as 'Grand Theft Auto: Vice City').

Gimme a break. It's all I can hope for; after all, I don't see one for games yet.

Published: November 13, 2003
Editor: stacy

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