November 16, 2003

Holy West Coast Batman.
   by MajicWalrus <>

Is it just me or does fashion suck?

I mean I'm not a fashionable cool guy, so of course it seems stupid to me, but let's face it. Haven't we approached the line of moronity that makes normal people want to puke?

I've counted, today, 17 instances of males wearing West Coast Choppers shirts and 3 females wearing the popular tee. What the heck is a West Coast Chopper?

I asked one, his name is Matt. His comments are as follows: "I dunno, everyone wears 'em though."


That would explain it.

Before when fashion was just the common style like bell-bottoms, tie dye, and metal spikes... Then it was okay. Because at least you could personalize it. Wear the pink AE shirt instead of the blue. But now? No. You've got one option, West Coast Chopper tee shirt.

It's the only way to fit in without being shunned.

Soon we'll all be wearing monochromatic jumpsuits with our number on the back so we can be identified.

Sure it destroys individuality, but we'll accept it. Individuality sucks anyway... You get made fun of for having it. Screw that.

Where do I buy one? Pfft.

Published: November 18, 2003
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