On the Job

November 20, 2003

What am I, a Doctor?
   by yawetag

I'm an EMT on a casino in the St. Louis area. As such, part of my job description is to give emergency treatment to employees and guests requesting it. I can live with that. What's not in my job description is to diagnose the problems of the employees. At least once a day I'm approached by an employee with a sign/symptom and they want to know what's wrong with them.

The employees think that because I'm in the medical field that I'm supposed to know EVERYTHING about the field. I always tell them that I don't know, and they always respond with, "Well, you're an EMT, why don't you know?" My answer: "Because I have EMT as my title, not MD. If you think this problem is as bad as you say, I suggest you visit your doctor."

PFFT to stupid-assed employees!

Published: November 21, 2003
Editor: stacy

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