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December 23, 2003

Your Job Is Next
   by DKline <>

There was a time when people used to cry that Mexicans were taking jobs away from the Americans. This cry was quickly quelled with the comment that Americans are not interested in picking fruit, cleaning bathrooms, or mowing lawns.

Now, it seems the NEW threat is India.

Why is India a threat to America? High-tech jobs are being moved to India. These are jobs that Americans ARE interested in having and keeping.

People in India have computers and know how to use them. They can program and type. They can manage data and scrub a database. They can do data entry. They can design web sites. While it is true that their English and grammar are not up-to-par, this has sadly become less and less important in American culture.

The workers in India are paid PENNIES on the dollar to handle the same work. Say you have a data entry job and you pay someone in America $18 per hour. You can pay this person's Indian counter-part as little as $3 per hour. Sometimes even less. Why pay an American to do the work, when you can get it done for less money somewhere else?

See the savings? But wait, there's more! They don't have the same Workers' Compensation laws. The Indian people don't get benefits, as they are classified as "contractors." Also, these Indian contractors don't have a lawyer creeping around every corner, looking to win the lottery (at least, not yet). But what lawyer would involve himself in a system that promotes poverty?

More savings equals more money in the pockets of the wealthy!

Some will view this as a racist post, but the truth is that America is in trouble. Moving jobs like this to India is exploitation of a labor force that is being underpaid. I guess this is only fitting, since America was built on the back of slave labor and exploitation of immigrants. Why stop there?

The middle class is dying off, and nobody cares. As I write this, AOL is making secret plans to move all of its jobs to India. Stories are being leaked in the news, so you can research this for yourself.

And this is not a slam against folks from India who are working here. But I have a warning for you: Your friends in India will soon have YOUR jobs and you'll have to do something else. So will I.

When our unemployment runs out, what will we do? We can't get a higher position, as we won't be qualified. We can't have our current jobs, as they will be in India. I guess maybe we'll have to consider mowing lawns.

Oh, wait... the Mexicans have that gig wrapped up.

Brace yourselves.

Published: December 23, 2003
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