March 23, 2004

Slow Fucks Are “Real Quick”
   by DKline <>

Too many retarded fuck-heads are using the annoying phrase “real quick.” They use this mainly to cover up for their slowness, although I think they also use it to fit into the corporate structure.

Someone stops by my desk and says, “Hey, how about a quick bite to eat?” I told him that I’d prefer to have a “regular bite to eat.” I’ve earned my fucking lunch HOUR, thank you very much. Besides, I’d rather chew my food now, instead of trying to push whole pieces of food out of my colon later. Fuck that! PFFT!

Another co-worker stops by and says, “I’m going to Sav-On real quick. You want anything?” I said, “Yes, I need some medicine for my diarrhea, so please hurry!” Not only were they gone more than an hour, but this did not count toward her lunch hour. Good thing she wasn’t driving my fucking ambulance. PFFT!

Do you hate it when someone in a meeting says, “I have a quick question.” Once they say this, you just KNOW that it’s going to be some fucking long-ass question in 23 parts that ends with a statement, just so you forget the whole fucked-up mess was a question to begin with. I have some advice for these losers. It would be WAY more “quick” if you just skipped the fucking “quick question” comment and went straight to the fucking question. You stupid fuck! PFFT!

Oh, then Friday afternoon rolls around. You just KNOW that someone is going to say, “Let’s head out early for a few drinks real quick.” How about we do it like normal people?

Am I the only one sickened by the phrase “real quick?” Why does everything have to be “real quick?”

How about this…. FUCK YOU, REAL QUICK! PFFT!

Published: March 23, 2004
Editor: stacy

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