April 5, 2004

   by kutulu <>

...and the inevitable need to push important threads out of the way with spam and bullshit.

I'll have you know I'm a regular forumite to a popular forum. We'll just call it GS for now. It isn't exactly the best forum in the world but alot of people visit it and it's active just about any time of the day. I can get a response at 2 in the morning if I so wanted. But that is beside the point.

In these forums there is a special place called 'Off Topic', and anybody who visits forums knows that OT tends to be the place that the mentally challenged tend to hang out. Luckily for me I know some of posters in OT that are not mentally handicapped so I can get some lucrative replies to some posts. Although today it seems is the day of the retard.

While perusing one of my favorite sites I came upon an intensely important article about Peak Oil and its potential affects on modern Agriculture. Seeing as how im a concerned citizen, and I'd hope I'm not the only concerned responsible citizen in these forums, I posted the link and a brief excerpt on the article.

Well the important thing is the article got one reply. On how 'Ignorance is bliss'. Yes thank you for your wonderful thoughts on the Matrix, now please go overdose on the red pill. Right now my important thread is being pushed down the board by the likes of...

Well thats what I get for trying to enlighten a group of fuckwads who no sense of responsibility or urgency. I honestly hope the makers of such 'thought provoking threads' are among the first to die from inevitable starvation. It would make my death all the easier to tolerate. A great big PFFFTT!!! goes out to them and their need to push my important thread out of the way. Damn bastards.

Published: April 6, 2004
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