April 17, 2004

Er... Is this normal?
   by Jango <>

Ok, this is my first post here at Pfft! even though I have been visiting my site with my wap-phone for almost a year now...

Here goes...
I am 17, 18 in October. I am an average-looking guy, able to make friends with practically anybody I meet, sometimes funny (sometimes not at all), and I'm a sentimentalist. I don't like the idea of dating a girl just because she looks good, and I don't ever want to date a girl before I know her a bit. At which point they ALWAYS say: 'You're really cute and fun and friendly, Kevin, but you're a friend, so, no.' After this happens, I go home and get depressed a bit for a week or two. But I'd never want to date a girl I don't get along with already, I just don't see the point. This is stupid. Pfft!

Published: April 30, 2004
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