May 11, 2004

Pfft! Dang it.
   by jhyde

Pfft! Top Ten

Pfft! to the medical staff that treat the mentally ill as societal rejects

Pfft! to the corporations that let love of money overcome their sense of duty

Pfft! to all the alcoholics that sit idly by as children suffer their consequences

Pfft! to the lobbyists that steal the government's attention from what really matters

Pfft! to the pharmaceutical corporations that sell doctors on bad ideas for fun and profit

Pfft! to the small collegiate minds that invented "higher thought"

Pfft! to the perverted way old men treat women in nursing homes

Pfft! to every last one of the musicians backing the RIAA

Pfft! to software companies that don't openly address their problems


Pfft! to the Cretins at Sparta (or was it the Spartans at Crete?) that made all of this possible.

Published: May 11, 2004
Editor: stacy

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