On the Job

June 18, 2004

Why do we do this?

Every weekday morning (and for some people, it's more than that), we wake up to some obnoxious radio station earlier than we want to, drag ourselves out of bed, drive through absurdly bad traffic, and go to a job we don't really want to be at. There, we spend several hours at the extremes, either insanely busy or in the midst of coma-inducing boredom. Rare are those days when there's just enough going on to keep us occupied and interested, but not so much that the next person who walks through the door doesn't get very nasty looks headed his way.

So, I ask, why do we do this? Why do we put up with this system? Who do we think is having a good time with this. It's not the managers, they don't want to be at work anymore than we do. I suppose it's the customers, who, you guessed it, are probably working at jobs they hate. Yesterday I had to go home from work early to let a handyman in to repair a hole in the garage where a trapdoor to the attic was supposed to be. I didn't really mind that much. My boss said it wasn't a problem, I had to put up with 30 minutes of hammer pounding coming from the next room, I paid the guys, and off they went, a job well done. Do you suppose they have to be up at 8am everyday?

Like with so many other things, I'm seeing a problem here that has no solution. The people who buy my company's stuff don't give a fig if I'm (personally) at work everyday, but since I like to think I provide something to my company, I have to be here for the customers to be happy, at the end of the day. I guess the best solution I see is to put more hours in the day, but you just know that even if that was possible, it would only mean more hours working. Think of all the poor lugs out there who just HAVE to work more than 8 hours as it is. And I'm not talking about people who have no choice, I'm talking about those poor bastards who like to work, or whatever, and just can't stop. They make the rest of us look bad.

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Published: June 18, 2004
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