August 3, 2004

Experts Disagree
   by dacode05 <>

I guess I learned to spit the biggest PFFT! from the only one agreeing. Check to see if more than one "expert" is listed under "Experts Agree"... I have a closed mind? I'm the one not allowed to say "under God?" I don't even have a choice legally in my son's school to just keep my mouth shut on those words during a pledge if I only want to pledge to man? Because I'm not given the choice to even say them!? And I'm in the bible belt!

To you, God is a theory. So is evolution. What gives you the right to choose what "theory" should be allowed in my son's textbooks? Wonder where my God was during your whining moments? A little boy asks, "God, where were You when they killed my friends in the cafeteria?" God replies sadly, gently, "Don't you know I'm not allowed in school?" How about keeping it legal to say "under God," people, then I won't break the law when I say it anyway?! You lose no rights, because all you have to do is edit in "immediate gratification." As I keep reading pfft! after pfft! (first, I want to say that even now Darwin believes), I realized that I too have the opinion that the Backstreet Boys just keep on singing the same thing. Thank you, because, myself also having an open mind, I suddenly realize I enjoy THEM singing the same same same same thing!

Pfft! to you, and a God bless. Sometimes you're cool.

Published: August 3, 2004
Editor: stacy

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