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August 9, 2004

FBI Warning - Al Qaeda Could Attack With Dung Beetles
   by mike <>

After today's FBI warning that Al Qaeda could attack using limousines or helicopters, it dawned on me: they could use anything they wanted to. Planes, cars, trains, lunchboxes, thermoses, packages, computers, porno magazines, etc.

Why doesn't the ever vigilent Department of Homeland Security just admit that Al Qaeda could, if they so chose, use any type of conveyance to deliver a lethal strike of whatever into the United States? Maybe it's because if they don't periodically receive "credible intelligence" (that's probably a year old), they won't be in the spotlight enough. Maybe they're worried that Tom Ridge isn't getting enough TV time. Jackasses.

Face it. If someone wants to attack us, they're going to attack us. It's really a matter of how we react to it. Am I suggesting that we dismantle intelligence gathering agencies and make no effort to prevent terrorist incidents? Absolutely not. But let's not pretend that helicopters and limousines are viable means of attack, but bicycles, moving vans and PT Cruisers are somehow not.

We're not all stupid. Just President Bush.

Published: August 10, 2004
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