October 5, 2004

On the other hand

I said a couple of weeks ago that I'm highly competent and you shouldn't question my judgement. And that's true, at work. When it comes to anything in the sporting realm, insofar as I'm the one doing the sporting, it's completely untrue and should be mocked. I truly suck.

Last Thursday was the swimming competition in the Corporate Challenge that my company has entered the last two years. As a team, we did much better this year, which made me happy because I was captain and wanted to do well. I was very proud of one of our team members who stepped up to swim an event he didn't want to do, because it would help the team, and then he completely excelled in it. He didn't have to, but he did, and it was great. Everyone who participated got a medal in something, which makes everyone feel good, and we finished 3rd overall, which was terrific. But me? Suckitude. I've been on a swim team for the past 6 months, and my time in the 50 free was even slower than last year. Bleh. And PFFT.

At least I'm working on the swimming, for whatever meager returns it's worth. I mentioned I'm taking ice skating lessons, and I think I'm probably beyond help. The 2nd lesson we started doing "one foot glides" which is exactly like it sounds, where you are going along on both feet and then pick one foot up and theoretically go straight on just one foot. I can't do this for more than about 3 seconds before I start to topple and have to put my foot down. Consequently, I am unable to do crossovers, which is required to really turn a corner with any speed (which isn't really an issue since I can't gain much speed). Most of the other people in my class have dropped out, but one women who skipped two weeks but showed up last night was really grooving right along.

I don't understand why things like ice skating and swimming fast are so hard for me, and even worse, I'm not sure what to do to improve. I just stink. PFFT. And sigh.

Published: October 5, 2004
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