October 29, 2004

Disposable Boyfriend
   by Jango <>

Hey there dudes and dudettes, You already know what this is about but I'm just going to give you the numbers... beginning of the summer holidays (2004): I go to see some friends in Pezenas... Amandine (girl I don't know yet at this point) takes me aside and basically tells me I'm the best thing since sliced bread, and she wants to go out with me... 24 hours later (quite exactly) she's telling me that she wanted to get back with her ex, so welcome to dumpsville...

Middle summer holidays: I'm working in a campsite on the coast, it's a cool job, and this Dutch girl called Eva is so cool and wants to go out with me (notice that it is NOT me asking to go out most of the time, if you read my other relationships story, you will understand why). I say yes... It was good fun until she says "I love you" one morning (I hate that sentence, someday I'll tell you more about it) and spends the day kissing Jordy while I'm working (no, I'm not Jordy, I'm Kevin)... OK this is a holiday thingy,and she lives in Holland so, who cares.

End of the summer holidays: At a ska concert I meet this girl who I find quite fun, and at one point we lose track of her friend... We start to look for her and so as not to lose each other in the crowd, we hold hands... When we find her friend we keep holding hand because it's fun... Then things just happen naturally... Then I walk her home, and she says she hopes this will last, that she doesn't want to get dumped strait away... Even her friend come up to me and says she'd kill me if I did such a thing... We see each other a couple of times then after three days, without reason, she says it's over... Ok bye, have fun...

Start of school year: I meet this girl called Lisa, she's really funny, draws really cool manga-style pictures, overly friendly, and has a tendency to rip skin out of my arm... After a few weeks (and a lot of skin and blood, ok maybe I'm a masochist) I ask her out (yes this was my responsability this time) we stay together just over a week, and thing seem to be going fine... Only this morning I just recieved a text message basically saying : "sorry but it's over"..

I'm going to print myself a T-Shirt that says "Disposable Boyfriend" on it...

Published: November 1, 2004
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