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January 8, 2005

Try That With Me, Pal
   by mike <>

Since I started graduate school, I've noticed a distinguishable difference in how I think. I've always been critical of the world around me (shouldn't be hard to believe), but I now look with a stronger magnifying glass. People make snap judgments implying causal relationship that aren't necessarily valid, etc.

One thing that hasn't changed is what goes through my head when I see or hear about one person in a relationship abusing the other. This may be man-on-woman, woman-on-woman, woman-on-man, etc. Domestic violence (which includes emotional and psychological abuse) is not something I can tolerate. And the fact that so many of us DO tolerate it sickens me.

Think you haven't seen it? *bzzt* Ever see a guy really screaming at his significant other in a restaurant? A lot of you probably have and either ignored it or didn't notice in the first place.

Get up and do something. Say something. Call someone. Do anything. Other people will back you up once you take the initiative. I promise.

And to those of you tough guys who think that knocking your significant other around will bring you any semblance of happiness, you've got another thing coming. For your sake, let's hope I don't see you pull that shit. I'll insert myself into the situation and guess what? I fight back.

Published: January 10, 2005
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