January 26, 2005

Get Me Off This List!

I bet everyone reading this has gotten on a mailing list they don't want to be on, and I'm not talking about spam. I mean something that is legitimate and one way or another you probably opted into, but then can't seem to remove yourself from. I've been there many times, but I've had it up to HERE (pointing at the ceiling) with the Family Research Council. You'd think that somebody so pious as them would actually honor remove requests, but I guess not, so I've had to take extreme measures.

Here's the story. I read a link somewhere (Daily Kos maybe, I don't remember) showing how a bunch of conservative Christian sites didn't even have links to help the tsunami victims at the beginning of January. The FRC was one of them. So, to those who I felt should have been ashamed about this, I sent them a complaint, either via their website or their email address. I used a fake name but a valid email address. (To be fair, I also sent Focus on the Family a thank you note, since they did have a link for tsunami donations.) Well, the FRC put me on their mailing list, which I never asked for, and which they had no reason to think I wanted to be on, but OK, maybe I asked for it by simply corresponding with them.

In each on of their mails, there's an unsubscribe link. I've clicked on it twice, and each time it says I've been removed. But then this morning I got another email from them. There's another link for changing email address, so my extreme measure (#1) was to change my address to something invalid (or at least, it's not me). We'll see if that works. No doubt they just put both addresses on the list. If this doesn't help either, I'm going to have to go to extreme measure #2, which is just rejecting their emails altogether.

They shouldn't have added my address to their list. They should honor the remove link. They should care about victims of nature disasters. They shouldn't flood the FCC with stupid obscenity complaints about stuff on TV shows. I could go on, but what's the point? PFFT.

Published: January 26, 2005
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