March 24, 2005

My Lovely Wife - !PFFT
   by Henri915 <>

I have the best wife in the world. What a fantastic woman! I came home tonight and found that she had baked a cake and made homemade frosting for it. She knew I was coming home from my first night as a "Store Supervisor".

My Wife and I met on the internet in an AOL chat room. People still can't believe that to this day. Yes, there is hope for people looking for love on the Internet. Once one gets past the "Hey babe, how big are/is your (insert anatomy part here)" crowd. At some point, I'll write more about how to meet someone on the internet. For now I'm going to write about my relationship with my wife.

Every night when I get home she's happy to see me. She always tells me that she's missed me. She wants me to hug, kiss and just be with her. She gets so dissapointed if I need a few minutes alone to unwind. It's almost annoying.

However annoying it may be sometimes, these are the kinds of problems I used to dream about having. I can't believe I've found such a woman who is so happy with me. I have to remind myself she's real sometimes.

My wife is an artist. Everything she touches turns into something beautiful. My wifes creativity is amazing. She'll see an artistic value in something I'd call a piece of trash. She starts projects with a slight idea of an outcome and the drawing, painting, sculpture or whatever she's making just evolves from some strange place in her consciousness.I have no idea how the logic comes in this process; I'm more a practical, methodical person, I plan everything, I set a budget in my projects, I figure out where I'm starting from and where the end is. This contrast of who we are makes our lives rich at some times and yet tumultuous at others. I don't know that I'd have it any other way though.

Everything in my wife's world is alive and has feelings. She never wants me to rev the car engine too much, the noise reminds her of an animal screaming in pain. If I remind her of a vehicle she traded in, she wonders how it's doing as if it's an old friend. All the animals of the world are human in my wife's world: They talk to us, they tell us what they want, they are just as conscious and aware of themselves as we are.

I've always done everything I can to encourage her spirit. I never want to break these nuances because the person she is always amazes me. I always tell her to buy the new painting tools, scuplting tools, clay and other artist things. She's the only woman in the world who gets packages of fine tip pens for christmas and can't wait to try them out! Who knows what she can create then! Give her a piece of paper and a new world is about to be created.

If anyone has actually read my rant this far, thank you. I can't tell the world how happy I am to have this woman in my life. I can't help but to love her to pieces. She is one of the best things that's ever happened to me.

Bonnie, if you're out there and reading this, I love you. I just wanted to tell the whole world about it.



Published: April 26, 2005
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