April 20, 2005

Dinner Mishaps

I'm very sad right now.

Before I went to work this morning I prepared some baked beans - from scratch - and put them in a dutch oven to slow cook all day. When I got home the house smelled wonderful, sweet and smoky, and I just couldn't wait to try them. So I opened the door, took out the pot, removed the lid, and beheld a dry mess of half-cooked beans with all the water boiled away. How is that not just the worst thing?

I followed the recipe exactly. The right ratio of beans to water to fat. I've even made this before, only using pinto instead of white beans, in the crock pot, but since someone was going to be home all day, I figured I'd try the dutch oven instead. Well, I learned my lesson, didn't I? Next time it's the crock pot or nothing.

I guess we're ordering pizza now. Pfft. Sigh.

Published: April 20, 2005
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